Regulus / Erigone 2014 Occultation Reporting

Welcome to the Regulus / Erigone 2014 Occultation Public Reporting Site!

If you were watching, taping, recording, videoing or otherwise observing the star Regulus during the time period when it was predicted to disappear behind the asteroid Erigone, we want to know about it - whether you saw the star disappear or not! Every observation is scientifically important, so please click on one of the numbered buttons below to report your findings. In each case a Google Map will pop up first to allow you to easily tell us where you were located. If your party included multiple observers, each person should submit an observation through this website themselves according to the type of observation they made.

The button numbers below correspond to the 2 questions described at


Click button 1 above if you were simply watching the star and estimating the duration of disappearance without using any timing equipment. You will then be asked where you were located, whether you saw the star disappear or not, and (if you did) for your best estimate of the duration. (Remember, reports of a non-disappearance or a "miss" are just as important as reports of the star disappearing!)
Click button 2 above if you used a stopwatch, a stopwatch app on a smartphone, or a timing app like Emerald Time or TimeTheSat. You will be asked where you were located, whether the star disappeared or not, and if so for the duration of the star’s disappearance or for the times at which it disappeared and reappeared. Remember, we also want to know if you did not see the star disappear!
Click button 3 above if you are not sure how to report your data, or if you have a video recording and you are not sure what to do with it, or if you have any other questions. This will allow you to send an email to an IOTA representative who will help you.

Your precise location is required to make your report meaningful to those processing the data. You should move this map until your approximate location is centered, then use the zoom control in the upper left corner to zoom in on your exact location. Continue zooming and centering until you find a familiar intersection or landmark. Finally, use maximum zoom to find your exact location (you may find it easier to use the "Satellite" view at this time. The buttons for switching between map and satellite view are in the upper right corner of the map). Then, double-click on the exact location so a red marker with a black dot appears. This will identify where you observed from. Then click the "Next" button to proceed to enter your report.


Thank you for submitting your report and contributing to this scientific investigation. Your information has been received and saved.

Finally, we would appreciate it if you could tell us in your own words how you, your friends and your family enjoyed the opportunity to experience this occultation event and what it meant to you.